About Clinical Trial Results

About CTR
CTR Format

Clinical Trial Results (CTR) is a proven open-access format for rapidly sharing results of clinical trials regardless of outcome.

Motivated by the premise that every trial can have a benefit to the research community, CTR promotes the mission of sharing these results to speed discoveries. Offering a powerful solution for cooperation and transparency, CTR uses a menu-driven submission system that guides authors through a number of fields to distill trials to their key features. This enables fast-track publication, standardized reporting of results, and the global sharing of lessons learned. The streamlined format presents all of the essential information in a concise, easy to read report. No separate manuscript preparation is necessary.

CTR is suitable for any Phase I, II, or III trial. We welcome all submissions. While positive trials are desired, all trials are given equal consideration including trials that may not have met primary outcome endpoints or completed accrual. We believe all trials warrant online access in the global literature as part of good clinical practice.